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Every story has a beginning.  This is mine as it relates to Digital Agency Gurus and what I have accomplished as a marketer.

It All Started . . . 

After retiring as a professional gunslinger for thirty-years, I watched one day as my accountant worked his magic to organize my personal and business records. 

As he sifted through my documents, I scanned my phone for email and news. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to check my accountant's Yelp reviews. 

I was shocked. 

His reviews were horrible. They did not describe the high quality, dedicated professional whom I knew and trusted.

I asked him about the bad reviews. They were untrue. He was frustrated, because tried as he might, he was not successful in having them removed. 

I boasted that I help him. I claimed that I could get the bad reviews removed. 

The course of my life changed that day.

He said, “If you can get the bad review removed, I will pay you.” 

Great, I thought. Then, I thought again.

I said, “No. When I get you results, I want you to donate to the charity for children with special needs."

We both agreed, and my business was born.

Soon after, my accountant then needed help with his website. And then his social media. And then his wife needed help with her website. And her social media presence.

While most businesses struggle to find new clients, I had clients before I even started my business. 

I helped them with their businesses. And the more I helped them, the more they helped me. They referred others to me.

In my previous job, I protected individuals from trouble. 

In my new business, I helped protect the reputations of my clients.

I wanted to help entrepreneurs and small business owners protect their reputations, and build their online presence to gain the visibility needed to compete with big companies.

Digital Agency Gurus was born. We protect the credibility of business owners, and increase the visibility of their brands.

Our clients notice, and appreciate our work. And others notice and appreciate our work as well.

We have earned two Gold Awards from an international competition honoring excellence in digital marketing. We were recognized by dotCOMM Awards for our work in Online Reputation Management and Graphic Design in company Rebranding.We recently earned a third Gold Award, this time from AVA Digital Awards for our online newsletter, Your Marketing Insider.

My pledge to help protect a friend has led me on an incredible journey that continues to today.

Our pledge continues, as we protect the online reputations of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and give them the visibility they need to compete, and win.